A 2-hour Workshop facilitated by certified Health Coach Keren Slutzkin and qualified Mindfulness Teacher Stephanie Beauverd. 

Discover the power of Mindful Eating! 

Mindful eating can transform your relationship with food. It can help you take away the emotional stress or guilt that comes with dieting or weight management. 

What to expect: 

  • Learn easy practical mindful eating tips and exercises that will help you enjoy food more without emotional guilt or stress. 
  • An informative, interactive afternoon in a safe space with a friendly group of people.

Additional Gifts: 2 mindfulness audio tracks, a mindful eating tip-sheet, and bonus recipes.

What you'll gain by attending:

  • learn how to break the habit of mindless overeating
  • discover how to stop your emotions controlling what and when you eat
  • leave with practical exercises that will help you reduce emotional and/or binge eating
  • learn how to respond to your own negative thoughts about your body and what you eat
  • reduce the stress and dieting pressure you feel towards food
  • gain new insight and awareness into yourself, your behaviours and how food makes you feel

Open to men and women of all ages. 

*Ticket sales now open. Cost: $75 per person plus additional gifts. EARLY BIRD ONLY 2 LEFT $60. 

When: Saturday 2nd of March in Armadale, 2pm to 4pm. Book your spot here.


When: TBA

Where: TBA

Cost: $15

Learn how natural high-quality essential oils can help you better manage your day-to-day stress and improve your wellbeing at this introduction evening. I will guide us through a calming meditation before sharing the basics of essential oils and how they can be used for emotional well-being.

FREE GIFTS:  2 essential oil samples and emotions handouts to take home. 

PAUSE, BREATHE, MEDITATE WORKSHOP: An Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation for Self-Care & Wellbeing (women only)

When: TBA 2019. 

Where: TBA. 

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