Mindfulness Group Courses


Do you wish you could stop worrying so much?

Are you tired of feeling so stressed and wished you knew how to fully relax?

Do you wish you felt confident & in control of your life, rather than anxious & emotional?

Are you tired of anxiety holding you back from enjoying life?

Would you like to feel more peaceful and free?

Do you wish you could sleep better and for longer?

Get relief and experience real changes with mindfulness. 

Attend my 4-week introduction group course, 

"Mindfulness for Less-Stress, Anxiety, & Worry." 


Increase your confidence

Reduce conflict with others

Achieve your goals

Break the habit of worry

Reduce stress & anxiety

Sleep better & for longer

Eat healthier & reduce illness

Feel less emotional

Feel free and relaxed

Be more creative & productive

Increase your happiness

+ plus so much more! 

Next Course:

March 2019, exact dates TBA. 

Location: TBA. 


What you receive: 

4 x 75 minute classes

20 page guidebook including scripts & handouts

10 audio tracks 

a personalised practice plan

unlimited support 


Places are limited, only 15 spots per course.

*This is an application only course, which means I would love to chat with you prior to booking your spot to make sure this course is perfect for you!

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 What makes this course unique? 

  • 4 weekly group sessions that will enable you to learn and assimilate your new skills
  • Small group sizes that will provide you with the space and support you need
  • Mix of practical & theoretical learning to allow you to experience the benefits of mindfulness first hand
  • Lead by a Qualified Mindfulness Teacher who will be there to guide you every step of the way
  • Step-by-step exercises and strategies that will empower you throughout your day to feel calmer and more in control 
  • Suitable for adults of all ages so you can bring along a friend or family member 
  • Practical resources to take home so that you can continue to refine your own mindfulness practice after the course


This is not your typical course where you will be provided with information that gets forgotten the moment you walk out the door. You will be guided step-by-step on how to create your own mindfulness practice so that you experience the benefits immediately, and have the practical resources to cultivate and strengthen your practise for years to come. 

Why choose this course?

Scientifically backed education

Professional, qualified mindfulness trainer

No religious agendas

Small groups 

Easy, practical teachings

Modern-day applications

Unlimited support 



Next Course: TBC

Open to men and women of all ages. Limited places.

This course will only run once this year, so don't miss out.  


Book in a free phone chat at a time that suits you and Stephanie will give you a call 


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Week One: 

  • What is mindfulness 
  • Common misconceptions
  • The benefits of mindful living
  • Mindfulness for wellbeing and self-care
  • How to develop deeper awareness & insight 
  • Foundational attitudes 
  • Guided exercises
  • Informal and formal practice tips 

Week Two:

  • Reconnecting with the body
  • Interrupting 'autopilot' mode
  • Understanding stress
  • The benefits of stillness 
  • The power of the breath
  • Relaxation and Self-care
  • Managing pain with mindfulness
  • Guided body scan & exercises

Week Three:

  • Working with the mind 
  • Becoming the observer
  • Unhelpful thinking styles 
  • How to combat anxiety & worry 
  • New ways of interacting with thoughts
  • Using mindfulness for change 
  • Practical tools to manage unpleasant thoughts 
  • Guided exercises

Week Four:

  • Harmonising difficult emotions & past hurts
  • Enhancing self-worth & acceptance
  • Mastering your inner world
  • Mindful communication 
  • Maintaining good mind health 
  • Mindfulness in daily life
  • Guided exercises
  • Create your own practice plan

What you receive:

  • 4 x 75-minute group sessions
  • A 20-page practical guidebook including scripts
  • 10 audio tracks
  • Additional handouts  
  • A personalised practise plan template
  • A small group of no more than 15 per course
  • Unlimited email support 

Next Course: TBA. 

Pricing: $295.

Concession rates are available, please email info@selfsetfreeliving.com to find out more. 

This course is suited for:

  • Those completely new to mindfulness or who have minimal experience
  • Women and men of all ages who want to experience lasting relief from any degree of stress, worry and anxiety
  • Those who are serious about learning mindfulness and can commit to an hour of in-between session practise, on top of being able to attend all 4 in-person sessions
  • People interested in understanding themselves better and having better awareness of their thoughts and emotions
  • Those wanting to learn life skills that will assist them long-term and not just an impermanent quick fix!


Not sure if this course is exactly what you need?

Call Stephanie on 0481 855 051 to ask any questions you might have.

Alternatively book in a free phone chat and Stephanie will call you! 



Stephanie Beauverd (BSocSi(Psych), GradDipCouns) is a university-trained Counsellor and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. She specialises in supporting women and men to experience relief from stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Stephanie is a dedicated mindfulness practitioner and teacher, who has been teaching mindfulness to individuals and groups for a number of years. Stephanie has completed a Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness Therapy and a Mindfulness-integrated CBT foundation course. For more information about Steph click here


Location: TBC.

Comfortable chairs, cushions, blankets are provided. Accessible entrance and toilets on-site.

Plenty of on-street parking available. Close to trams and local train station.

 Ready to take back control of your mind?

Register your interest now for the next Mindfulness Group Course in Melbourne.

Don’t miss out, places are limited to 15 participants per course.


You will join a small, friendly group of like-minded people, no more than 15, in a supportive judgement-free space where you can be yourself. Comfortable chairs, tables, and cushions will be available to help you learn whilst feeling relaxed and at ease. Water and herbal tea will also be provided.

You will not have to worry about any scary role-plays or forced interactions or activities! You are only encouraged to interact and share with the group if you feel comfortable to do so. In Week 1 we will briefly introduce ourselves so we can get to know each other and build a warm supportive group environment. However, moving on from this, your involvement in group discussions can be as little or as much as you like.

Each session is a mix of interesting content and guided mindfulness exercises, usually 4 or 5 per session. The exercises are gentle and allow you the freedom to stay seated in your chair or assume any position that feels right for your body.

You won’t leave each session with pressure to complete a long list of homework tasks! Suggestions are certainly provided but your amount of practice is your choice and can be flexible to suit your lifestyle and goals. We want you to see real results and changes so when deciding if this course is right for you please factor in that between-session practice tasks are a part of this course and strongly encouraged. Each week you will receive a range of specially created handouts, prompt cards, scripts, and other resources for you to take home and keep.

Picture yourself putting aside an hour and a half for four short weeks, to enjoy learning valuable life skills in a peaceful space. You will leave each session feeling relaxed, empowered, and inspired!


Enrolled Nurse

“Steph, I can't thank you enough for what you've taught me about mindfulness in daily life and the relaxing and enjoyable exercises we did in our sessions. I have noticed that I am sleeping better and I'm also feeling a lot happier and less stressed. I would love to join another of your group courses in the future and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better, reduce stress and enjoy life more.”

Community Rehabilitation Support Worker
“I loved all topics covered, but found the topics about thoughts and emotions most helpful. I loved your warm, honest, and knowledgeable delivery. I always thought I was ‘doing it wrong’ and am now I am less judgmental of my (mindfulness) practice. I would absolutely recommend the course to others, mindfulness now seems more achievable to me and it was a lovely way to practice self-care.”
“Stephanie is a brilliant teacher, kind, patient and knowledgable. She has great skill in teaching mindfulness; a skill that she clearly lives and breathes, because I came through her course with a greater respect for the art of living mindfully and some handy resources and exercises which I put into practice daily. I really enjoyed her classes, getting to know both the theory and practical aspects of mindfulness, and would recommend it to anyone wanting an antidote to the anxiety and worry that a busy life can sometimes cause. Thanks Steph!”
“I loved the practical mindful exercises. As I really felt an improvement on keeping calm with myself. Stephanie, you delivered the course in a very simple and caring way. I was always relaxed at the end (of each session). The Body Scan is helping me fall asleep, and the Anchor Drop I apply whenever I feel anxious. Thank you Stephanie.”
“After completing the course I noticed many positive changes, especially in everyday tasks like eating, shopping, showering- if thoughts rushed in I would see my thoughts and be able to bring myself back to this moment. The main benefits I received from the course are that I now feel more present, I can catch my thoughts before they take over, and I experience deeper breathing. I would certainly recommend the course to others as it is something we can easily and simply integrate into our everyday lives which makes a huge change. Steph, your down to earth, caring, and gentle approach made it easy to understand and enjoyable.”
Mental Health Support Worker

“Steph, I am so impressed with your thoughtful, interactive, and well explained subject matter on mindfulness. I felt the course was fantastic. You are warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable and you make people feel safe and at ease. After completing the program I am feeling happier, calmer, and more logical. I also feel I am more accepting that I have control over my reactions. Thank you.”

My biggest learning from the course was that it is possible to separate my thoughts to receive more clarity. I honestly thought it was fantastic: educational, engaging and not intense. (Steph) You were an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed the stress/anxiety content and also communication mindfulness.
Hotel Manager
I liked the fact that it was for women and I really appreciated being able to chat to Stephanie before the course. (Before the course) I was unsure as to exactly what Mindfulness was but after completing the course I completely understand the concept of Mindfulness and am learning to take the time out for one’s self. The 3 main benefits I received from completing the course were: 1) learning to take time to be Mindful on a regular basis 2) the Mindfulness exercises provided are enabling me to be Mindful and 3) I am becoming much less stressed which is enabling me to perform more efficiently and to enjoy life. I would highly recommend the course to others – because I found it to be most beneficial and enlightening.


What happens if I sign up and can no longer attend? Refunds are permitted up to 14 days before the commencement of the course, after this time no refunds will be issued. If you can no longer attend you are free to gift your course to a friend ensuring you provide Self Set Free Living with minimum 3 days notice prior to the first session. Please contact Stephanie as soon as possible if this is the case. 

What happens if I am sick or unable to attend one week? If you miss a session due to illness or a personal emergency you are free to attend the same session at the next available course, however, this may be at a different location. I am always happy to chat to you over the phone or in-person before or after a session to update you on what you may have missed, and you will still receive all the handouts and resources from the session you missed. 

How do I sign up for a course? This course is by application only, which means I would love to chat to you prior to booking your spot to ensure this course will meet your needs and give you exactly what you are looking for. If you feel this course is what you are looking for then please get in touch by phone on 0481 855 051 or email me to register your interest and I will get back to you shortly. 

Are concession rates available? Yes. Students under 25, pensioners or those experiencing financial hardship are eligible for concession rates. Please contact Stephanie to find out more. 

Have more questions about what is covered in the course?

Want to clarify whether this course suits your needs?  

Simply call 0481 855 051 or register your interest below. 

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